Greetings, Classmates!
Welcome to the website devoted exclusively to the Classmates of the Weymouth High School Class of 1962. What a great class we had - and still have. In fact, our class, the Class of 1962, has been declared by the curators of this website as the GREATEST CLASS ever in Weymouth High School history. What an honor!

In the late fifties and early sixties, Weymouth was a town of approximately 50,000 people nestled between the two ship yards bordering North Weymouth and the U.S. Naval Air Station in South Weymouth. Although not a wealthy town (those from South Weymouth were the exceptions), the town’s people were patriotic, caring, and had a strong sense of civic responsibility.  People helped each other. Clubs and organizations were established to help the youth grow into responsible adults. The leaders of our town built more that 20 new schools to ensure its residents would have a great education. Our classmates, you and I, were the beneficiaries of the actions of these town leaders. We were indeed very fortunate to have been residents of Weymouth.

Our Weymouth school-years occurred during a pervasive sense of social and economic optimism that followed America’s victory in World War II. For many, perhaps most of us, these social and economic conditions lessened emotional burdens and fueled the great times we enjoyed. For most of us, it was a great time to be an adultescent, it was a great time to be elementary and high-school students, and it was a great time to be a student at Weymouth High School, particularly a member of the Class of ’62. We harbor many great memories of that time. It is the intent of this website to capture and share those memories.

This website was conceived of in the 18 months leading up to our Fiftieth-Class reunion in 2012 as a forum to share information, pictures, and ideas of our Classmates and reunions. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of classmate Gus Scully, it became a reality. Judging from the number of visitors to the site, it has become a great success.

Our class also owes a debt of gratitude to Lindsey CHESTER Cyr who single-handily organized eight reunions between 1967 and 2017. Without these reunions it is doubtful whether we would have had a fiftieth or a fifty-fifth. Thank you, Lindsey,!!!  In anticipation of the then upcoming fiftieth anniversary of our class graduation, a committee of 25 classmates was organized in 2010 and subsequently planned and executed our fiftieth as well as our fifty-fifth reunions.

About Our Website.
  • Our Website will be online at least until 2022 as we are paid up until then.
  • On the left of the website page are tabs. Each tab will link you to information about classmates, reunions, and more. 
  • If you have not entered your profile yet, please do.  We would like to see many more classmate profiles posted.  ​​
  • To add your profile or update your existing one, click on the “Classmate Profile” button. It will ask for your profile information, a user name, and password. Fill in all the requested information. Once that is done, a notice will be sent to us to upload your information. This slight administrative burden will eliminate false or derogatory information being entered to anyone’s profile.  If you have any questions, please email classmate Ralph Stewart at or call him at 850-238-1604.​​​​​ 

We have included a list of deceased classmates. If you know of anyone who is deceased but not on our list, please let us know. We will periodically update this list as information is brought to our attention. This list was based on the information we had as of July 7, 2018.

We have also included a list of classmates for whom we have no current contact information.  If you know current contact information for anyone on this list, let us know. We want to connect to as many of our classmates as we can. We had 633 students in our class. Locating them all is a formadible task. Our Reunion Team made an extraordinary effort to locate every Classmate in the period just before our 50th and 55th reunions. But there are still many for whom we have no information. If you have any extra time, perhaps you could take this list and use the internet to locate them or call friends who may know something. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. 
Looking forward to seeing you in 2022.


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