Recap of Our 55th Weymouth High School Reunion
As all graduates of the Weymouth High School know, the Class of 1962 was the best class ever in Weymouth High history. So, it was indeed a pleasure to have seen and conversed with our distinguished Classmates and their guests during the two-day gathering in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts when we celebrated 55 years of being a graduate of Weymouth High School. What has made previous reunions as well as this one so special is what all WHS graduates know. There was, and is, SOMETHING SPECIAL about the girls from Weymouth and, of course, the boys from Weymouth were, and are, LEGENDARY. How could we not enjoy being in the company of each other?

Throughout life it’s always refreshing to look forward to an event that has meaning to you, to enjoy it while it’s happening, and then to reflect upon it periodically once it’s over. That was the goal of our reunion team. We had a great team of Classmates. They worked hard. They achieved their goal.

This reunion was well-planned and executed superbly. Below is the list of your classmates who made this happen.
Mary BARTER Craig Joe Gilpin Ralph Stewart
Ron Belmonte Ray Neiland Carol THORP
Suzanne BUGBY McCallum Marcia NORLING Oliver Rick Turner
Pat Collins Bob Pirie Paul Valentine
Peter Daley Gus Scully Millie WHITE Ficarra
Donna GARRISON Crocker Joan SIROIS Gene Zweigle
Plymouth proved again to be a great location for our reunion. Mother nature provided some crisp fall weather. The shops in Plymouth Center attracted many. There were ample restaurants and hotels and local homes of friends and relatives to accommodate out-of- town attendees. The John Carver Inn had a hospitality suite we used throughout the two-day event, a nicely appointed banquet room, and their hotel rooms were fine. As it turned out, the banquet room was just a tiny bit smaller than we needed for the sit-down dinner as the result of 50 more guests in attendance than we anticipated at the time we signed the contract with the hotel. That, however, was a good problem to have. Everyone got just a little closer.

Classmates came from the four corners of the USA and several states in between including Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington State. The turnout was much better than anticipated for this “non-milestone” reunion; not as large as our “milestone 50th Reunion” and hopefully not as large as our next “milestone 60th reunion will be 2022. Hopefully everyone who attended our 55th will be with us plus all the others from our 50th, plus classmates who have not been attendees at prior reunions, as well as those from other Weymouth High School classes who want to be part of a gathering of the SPECIAL LADIES and LENGENARY GENTLEMEN from the Class of 1962. 

As we look back to the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, the times that bound us together at Weymouth High School, those were the last of the carefree years for most of us. From the day we graduated, life changed. Our high school did an outstanding job preparing us for entry into the labor force, college, the military, the clergy, parenthood, and to be good American citizens. Looking into the eyes of our Classmates at the 55th reunion, it was easy to see that those eyes had witnessed decades of life. Behind those eyes were as many different stories as there were attendees, every one of them interesting. Those stories are the stories of our Classmates.

Our own Weymouth High School Class of 1962 website has several tools that will facilitate your reflecting. Most recently, pictures from our 55th Class Reunion have been uploaded. You are invited to browse through them as well as the pictures from our 50th reunion.

Another tool can be found on the Classmate Profiles tab. Review the profiles of people you knew as well as ones you didn’t. You will be amazed at the interesting lives our Classmates have lived. If your profile is among the missing, now would be a great time to write yours. It’s easy. Just go to the profile tab and click on the “add profile” or if you want to update your existing profile, click on “edit profile”

The listing of Deceased Classmates and Missing Classmates was updated on July 1, 2018. Please review these lists. If you know of a deceased classmate whose name is not on the list, use the “contact us” tab to let us know. Also, if you know of any contact information of any Classmate on the “missing list “, likewise, use the “contact us” tab to let us know. Your help is appreciated.

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