60th REUNION; Weymouth High School Class of '62
With our 55th Class Reunion behind us, it’s time to look at the future and at our 60th Reunion which is slated for the year 2022. Believe it or not, that year will soon be upon us. The years when time passed ever so slowly are gone.  

Remember the wait between our 15th and 16thbirthdays? That wait to get a driver’s license seemed centuries long!  Let’s all wish that the passing of time will slow down over the next 4 years so that we can not only enjoy them, but to slowly savor them.

Will there be a 60th Reunion? Currently, no one knows. However, assuming conditions are the same in 3 years, the Reunion Committee will be eager to have one.

As we transition from our early seventies to our late seventies, things may change for some of us. We may no longer be able to drive at night, travel long distances, or deal with other limitations of our age while others are well on their way to celebrating their 100th birthday.  So, the formula of hosting the reunion events at nice hotels in Plymouth will be re-evaluated. It may not be practical.  Then again, let’s hope it is.

During the planning phase of our 55th, several factors were considered such as time of year, time of day (evening or daytime), sit-down meal or buffet, and should it be held within or outside Weymouth. These are just some of the factors the committee addressed and will address while planning the 60th.

Again, will there be a 60th? We do not now know. But what we do know now is our 60th Reunion Committee will be committed to planning a reunion that will accommodate the greatest number of classmates likely to attend. We will keep our Classmates updated via this website and via email. We will have one last US Postal Service mailing within the next year to those classmates for whom we do not have email addresses. We will request they provide their email addresses for our class data base because US Postal Service mailings are time-intensive and expensive. In the future we will rely on email and website communication to keep everyone informed.

We look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts about our 60th. Best to every Classmate of Weymouth High School’s Best Class Ever – The Class of 1962.